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Creating Tremida: The Start of a Heaven

June 28, 2021

I wish I knew the exact day Tremida started. The honest truth is that I don’t… But I know how it began. I believed in spirituality, but I was also a staunch skeptic. If it didn’t have some sort of scientific foundation, it was up for debate. I’ve been a fan of the paranormal since […]

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The Abandoned Cabin

June 26, 2021

Today, while driving home, I peeked at Tremida in my mind’s eye and was surprised to find myself in a small rowboat on an unfamiliar lake with Ed. I took a brief glance around at the trees. They were thinned of their autumn leaves, a strange change I had not expected. Sitting in the car, […]

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Demons & Possession with Ed

April 17, 2021

Ed and I are seated at a campfire, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. All around us, thick copses of trees, barely perceptible in the dark. If we focus our gazes up long enough, we can see the stars. I am sitting opposite him across the fire, contemplating making another s’more, and he’s watching me, […]

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Ed on the Subject of God

April 15, 2021

We are writing this post because Black (at came up with some inquiries that we thought would be interesting in answer. “There are many great flaws in this creation of ‘god’ (whatever that means to you), or the simulation we’re in, or whatever reality actually is. Why indeed is the design so bad? Why […]

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Meet Ed

April 14, 2021

Jen: Ed is dead. He has been with me my entire life, but I did not become aware of him until February 2021. We have shared several lifetimes together, and he serves as a sort of shadow to my light. As a teacher, artist, musician, healer, and writer, Ed works beside me to share the philosophies, […]

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