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The Hawk in the Church

November 8, 2022

Today, I voted.My polling place is inside a church rectory, the underbelly of the church used for administration, storage, and other activities. I haven’t been inside a church, let alone its rectory, for quite some time. Oddly, the aroma of churches never changes. The moment I stepped through the double doors, there was a heavy […]

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Dualism & The Androgynous Soul

June 25, 2022

Jen, where have you been?! Admittedly, I am not the most consistently productive person. (At least when it comes to sticking to one hobby for long periods of time.) I have been painting, creating resin pieces (pendulums!), and doing a lot of reading (spiritual and fictional) and writing (horror fiction). Also, gardening and loafing in-between. […]

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Love, Loss, and the Heart Chakra

February 12, 2022

Happy [early] Valentine’s Day! Before I lose you, I don’t entirely believe in chakras. I’ve disputed for and against them and been on both sides of the argument at different points in my life. There is virtually no scientific basis for chakras. However, the souls that I work with believe in them, and so to […]

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Meeting Source

November 17, 2021

I have been subsisting on an absolute burst of creativity lately. Oil paintings, acrylics, resin work, ceramics, colored pencils, charcoal, woodworking, photography… I don’t think I’ve stopped for a second! On top of that, I am making spiritboards and planchettes and pendulums by hand. The season has blessed me with rigorous energy, and as they […]

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My First Ghost Hunt: A Ghost Story

October 31, 2021

First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wasn’t about to let all of October go by without dropping another post. October is my favorite month of the year, and because of this, it is also my busiest. Between Halloween shopping, crafting, and work, I haven’t had time to just chill. Here is a brief update of […]

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