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Phase 3: Sharing Your Environment

There is a hidden benefit to visual meditation. It’s not one that I knew about until I experienced it myself. Souls (spirits, ghosts, etc.) are able to share in these visualizations. They can even directly contribute to the visualizations and establish your environment as consensus environments or “heavens.” You are the author, and they are the publishers.

Visual meditation can serve as a way to connect with your loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, or Source/God energy. When practiced for this purpose, you can have a very visceral experience with these souls and hear them speak to you in their own voice.

If you are not a practicing medium, this phase is designed to walk you through the methodology of contacting and visualizing souls. If you are a medium, this phase will help you grow your abilities in a new direction. You may even have already had the experiences mentioned in this lesson in phase 2!

In this phase, you’ll learn:

  1. How to connect with energy and how sharing works;
  2. How to invite a soul and identify presences;
  3. How to teach a soul to participate in your environment;
  4. The different issues that may occur;
  5. Different ways to use visual meditation to supplement your mediumship;


passive participation: (n) During meditation, a soul may choose to lie down or sit beside you and share your third-eye. They can see what you see and also contribute to the experience. If they are more like backseat drivers or request to switch perspectives, they are are passive participants.

active participation: (n) During meditation, a soul may experience what you are seeing in the consensus environment at its respective frequency, the frequency that is closest to what we call “heaven.” If they are active contributors, they are in the consensus environment as it is on the other side. Changes are harder to make, and they have stronger reactions to changes you make. They don’t always hear or see what you are thinking or projecting.

How It Works

While there isn’t perfect knowledge of how this experience is shared between souls, I was informed by the souls participating how it feels. Much of what is shared comes from the brain through the energetic body. Imagine the energetic body as a circulating stream of energy carrying information within it not unlike the blood vessels in our body. When a soul merges or interacts with the energetic body of another soul, information becomes shared and mingles.

As you open your third-eye chakra, you’ll also be opening your heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for communication and connection. The more open the heart chakra, the more connected you will be.

The easiest way for a soul to share in this experience is to lie down beside you or literally within you. They can then experience your thoughts, see what you see, and feel what you feel. Another way is through connecting with you at their own frequency through Source energy and experiencing it as if they were physically present. I equate these two experiences as if someone were looking over your shoulder while you play a video game versus remotely playing the video game with you across a connection.

If it makes you uncomfortable to have another soul eavesdropping in such an intimate way, you may want to look for alternative ways to communicate.

This phase will be much more effective for you if you already have a strong connection to another soul and are able to communicate with them in another way. This can be through the pendulum, dreams, spiritboard, dowsing rods, etc. You need a way to validate that what you experienced with them happened but through another medium outside of visual meditation.

Inviting & Identifying Presences

At the time that I began interacting with souls through visual meditation, I was already practicing communicating with my spirit guide Ed through other means. We were connecting through the pendulum, dowsing rods, and the spiritboard, and I was using visual meditation solely as a way to relax.

One evening, after a very hard day, I went into meditation and stepped into my environment. My favorite activity was to pull books off a shelf, sit at a table in my cabin, and read ridiculously optimistic stories to myself. I would ask myself what the story was about and talk about it aloud in my head. But as I continued to visualize, I felt a sensation that I was being watched. I had grown accustomed to this feeling whenever Ed was waiting for me to talk to him after work. Despite this, I ignored it. I had a protocol that Ed would have to be demonstrative in his needs if he wanted to talk to me. I also wanted to rule out any ambiguous, emotional feelings that might lead me to believe that a spirit was watching.

I continued to read to myself in my head, going deeper into meditation. Soon, I felt a sense of curiosity and concern for me from whomever this was watching. They knew I was upset, and I felt this question pinging my thoughts: “What’s wrong?”

I continued to ignore it, but the persistence of it continued. I began to see a shadowy shape flickering in and out of the light of the cabin as it moved from one space to the other, examining everything and myself. It had been so many years since the last time I felt someone with me during meditation that I had forgotten what it could feel like or look like. I was in no mood to interact with him, but he persisted. It was when I allowed him to that he fully appeared.

Shortly after, I reconnected with other souls, first connecting with them through other means and then teaching them how to experience visual meditation with me. Since then, we have been practicing breaching the limits of these little worlds we create together.

How to Tell If You Are Sharing with a Soul

  • You feel like someone is watching you.
  • Your thoughts are abruptly interrupted by a change of thought or focus. For instance, if you are focusing on feeling your environment and you suddenly think, “What’s your name?”
  • You sense something that isn’t there in real life. Starting out, I often smelled Big Red gum or cinnamon candy and cigarettes. It can be startling if it’s in an intimate space, such as your bedroom.
  • Unexpected experiences in your visual environment, flashes of images, or faint voices may occur. This is more common if you are in a deeper state of meditation.
  • Your perspective changes from first-person to third-person unexpectedly. This comes from the soul attempting to explore and participate from another perspective.

Be logical about the process. It doesn’t serve you to chalk everything up to a spirit. Instead, leave the burden of proof to them. If they really want to interact, they will make themselves known in a way that will make it impossible to deny they are there. Then, confirm they were through other means. Ask them through the pendulum, dowsing rods, or another tool.

Teaching a Soul to Participate

It’s not typical behavior for souls to interact with the living in this way. It’s a way some of them communicate at their own frequency, but it isn’t common knowledge or logic to lie down on top of someone or next to them and be quiet enough to see what they see. It is fairly common to communicate with them at their own frequency, but you don’t often hear about people sharing visual meditation with them. Ed himself happened across it by circumstance after I taught him to use the spiritboard.

There are two methods of participation: passive participation and active participation.

Passive Participation

This is the simplest method and requires the least control from the participating soul. It’s an excellent way to start if they don’t know what to do. The soul will be physically with you in the room you are meditating. The soul lies down beside you, inside you, or in close proximity. You are the director of the interaction, but the soul can contribute by either asking you to do something or influencing the visualization through thought.

I’ve heard souls describe them as “movies” or “dreams,” and even overheard one say, “The movie is starting!” when I began meditating.

So, to have a soul participate with you, ask the soul to lie down with you and listen to your heart chakra. They can be very susceptible to your thoughts, and you can use this to guide them into meditation with you. This can be an incredibly calming experience for them as much as it is for you.

There isn’t a lot you can hide through this method. Unless your thoughts are very quiet and internalized, they will hear you talking aloud to yourself as you meditate. They are going to feel what you feel, too.

You will know they are using this method if they ask you to change the perspective or if they participate very little altogether. They may even change the perspective themselves or ask to direct. You can let them, and relax as they lead you on a journey from your perspective.

Active Participation

Active participation occurs when the soul is not present in the room but interacting through Source energy at another frequency. This is the most realistic experience they can have in your environment. Thought literally becomes reality to them, so as they experience your world, you might catch them making changes, reacting to changes you make, and generally acting unpredictably compared to passive participation.

When souls actively participate, your environment officially becomes a consensus environment and can become persistent even when you are done meditating. You serve as the author, and they serve as the publisher.

You will know they are using active participation because dialogue during active participation is clearer. You will also stay in first-person perspective, if you wish, and more unexpected things will happen during your interactions. The experience is more visual, as you are utilizing Source energy. Overall, it’s far more real. The more cooks in the kitchen, the more visual the experience becomes with nearly the quality of a lucid waking dream.

Multiple souls can use different participation methods. You may have one soul using passive participation and a few others using active participation in the same environment. Fully expect the soul passively participating to tattle to the others on what you are thinking! It makes games of hide-and-seek impossible. I learned that the hard way.

Issues to Expect

You can expect the same issues that arise in phase 2 to happen in phase 3 but more dramatically. For instance, logic errors can occur when one or more souls tries to do the same thing. If two souls attempt to hit a ball, who wins? No one, and the ball may suddenly disappear or rebound in a weird way. This is a passive participation issue and doesn’t occur with active participation.

During passive participation, I’ve seen souls argue and playfight, directing the form of another soul to do something stupid or embarrassing. (If only all souls were mature and serious!) That can lead to some really weird situations. Also, you may hear souls sharing what you are thinking with other souls through Source, which can cause what sounds like a delayed reverb or echo effect. You can ask Source to silence them or ask them to stop altogether.

The fewer souls participating, the less confusing and stressful it will be. The sound of 3-4 souls talking at once can really be disorienting. For that reason, I restrict my interactions with no more than 2 at a time, and I ask Source to silence them if there are more.

Most of the issues I have experienced happen through passive participation. The sooner you can wean off of passive participation to active participation, the fewer issues you’ll experience to take you out of the zone of realism.

Lastly, if you feel the need to protect yourself, I have found that visualizing a dome encapsulating my environment has worked wonders. Remember how I said perception is reality? If you tell them they cannot entered, they will believe it, and Source will ensure that they believe it.

Ways to Use It

There are so many ways sharing your visual meditation experience with souls can benefit you. For one, you’re having an intimate experience with a soul in an environment of your design. You can create memories with them that transcend death. That’s pretty powerful. But also, I have found it to be useful when understanding the intonation of what they are saying. By seeing their mouth move and hearing their voice, you have a better sense of what they’re saying and under what context it is being said. (Sarcastically, for example.)

It’s an opportunity to visually see your guides on an intuitive level, right from your heart. You may have a vague image of what they look like, but through visual meditation, you can see them clearly and observe every aspect of their appearance. Visual meditation can even lead to having astral projection experiences with them outside the body.

You can also elaborate on your past lives and relive moments you have since forgotten. If you work with your local police department, you can use your intuition to visualize and articulate locations and events on a deeper level.

Most importantly, creating environments like these allows you to plan your own experience when your cross over. It can be a landing zone for you, a place of respite. Of course, winging it into the afterlife is also cool, but creating your own paradise is a nice way to retire!


  • Form a connection with a soul through other means, such as a spiritboard or pendulum. Be polite and ask them if they’re willing to work with you on connecting through visual meditation.
  • Lie down and meditate with a soul at least once a week. Doing this consistently will allow the soul to become accustomed to working with you in this way. It will also give you some perspective on what it feels like to visualize with and without another participant.
  • Record any and all interactions. Don’t expect yourself to remember. Record everything into a notebook or on your phone, and watch how far you’ll grow.


  • What feels different about interacting with a soul versus being by yourself?
  • Have you had any difficulties in the process, and what have you modified to make it easier?
  • What are your favorite activities to do with other souls?
  • Have you learned anything from your interactions?

This concludes this course on visual meditation and creating a consensus environment! I hope you have learned something from these lessons. Remember, go at your own pace. It can take months and years to go to a point where you’re having intimate experiences. It might happen in one night. Either way, it will happen if you are consistent and persistent in your studies.

Have a question or need assistance with this course? Reach out to me!

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