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Who is Jen?

Willkommen! My name is Jen. I am an honors graduate in the school of psychology with a concentration in criminal psychology. I am passionate about philosophy, art and science, psychology, parapsychology, and fiction writing for books and video games (mostly horror). I have a love for all life here on Earth — as clich√© as that sounds — and I love the intricate and delicate balance of life between flora, fauna, “ghostkind,” and mankind.

I am an advocate for paranormal research and changing how our culture perceives death and the hereafter. Growing up, I always had a connection to media about hauntings, out-of-body experiences, astral projections, and anything pertaining to the afterlife. I am a former ghost hunter, and I have researched and archived data on my own Ouija board experiences.

As my interests turned into research, I discovered that other souls were listening and teaching me, too. I have made it my life’s work to connect with and understand the dead, the living, and their connections here on Earth through Source, or what some religions call “God.” The nature of my work has brought me closer to new theories of consciousness and the practical application of Source energy in psychology, medicine, philosophy, and everyday life.

I also love connecting souls with their passions, whether they are dead or alive, and I have a natural intuition for what people need. It is my purpose to better the lives of those on Earth so that they may find their path and lead lives in a state of higher consciousness.

When I’m not channeling or teaching, I love to write horror stories, create video games, paint, garden, and enjoy a good latte on a cold October day. I also operate under the pseudonym Jennifer Strange as an author.

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Who is Ed?

Ed is a member of my soul family who has been with me my whole life. I was not aware of Ed until 2021 when I began to expand on my adventures in consensus environment creation. Ed has shared a number of lifetimes with me and has become a valued member of the team, despite his argumentative nature. Ed enjoys isolating himself in his own house in Tremida; stuffing his nose into a good book; drinking tea, wine, and whiskey; and being inordinately tall.

We have grown closer as collaborators and regularly discuss the nature and science of such environments. Often, Ed will participate in the environment on the frequency closest to Source energy, essentially assisting in establishing it as a “heaven” and providing feedback.

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What is Tremida? What are consensus environments?

Tremida began as a place of rest for me in my mind during visual meditation. Tremida itself is a large, single-story wood cabin in the valley of a mountain range and situated on a lake. Inside is an open floor-plan consisting of a fireplace with a couch and bookshelves, a clerestory of windows at the peak of the roof, open rafters, and a modern kitchen.

Tremida also refers to the area the cabin sits. The cabin sits on Lake Tremida, which is a large, mountain-fed lake. The name Tremida came to me intuitively. When I researched the word, I discovered it is Portuguese/Spanish for “tremor,” “unsteady,” and “to tremble.” That is when I decided to attribute the name to a massive waterfall on the lake that trembles the ground if you’re still and quiet enough to feel it.

Through time and meditation, Tremida has taught me so much about frequencies, developing the 3rd eye, the limits of consciousness, energetic bodies, and our connection to those we thought lost to the afterlife. It has become a home-base for research about these environments and will hopefully soon serve as a waypoint for astral travelers.

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What is Ghostkind?

It is a place for me to share my regular adventures/misadventures as a paranormal researcher, consensus environment curator, psychologist, and philosopher. You’ll see media here ranging from my fictional horror stories and video games (inspired by the dead, naturally), interactions with Ed and Source/God, other channelings, and whatever comes to mind. Consider this a paranormal playground for learning.

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