About – Ghostkind


Who is Jen?

Willkommen! My name is Jen, often referred to as Jen the Strange. I am an honors graduate in the school of psychology with a concentration in criminal psychology. I am passionate about philosophy, the arts, sciences of the earth, psychology, and parapsychology. I have a love for all life here on Earth — as cliché as that sounds — and I love the intricate and delicate balance of life here between flora, fauna, and mankind.

I have an affinity for death and ghosts. It may seem creepy, but I have always had a connection to media about hauntings, demons, and anything pertaining to the afterlife. I was a former ghost hunter, and I researched and archived data on the Ouija board for a period of time.

I thought it was just an affinity for horror, but as my interests turned into research, I discovered that they were listening and teaching me, too. I have made it my life’s work to connect with and understand the dead, the living, and their connections here on Earth through Source, or what some religions call “God.” Can you believe I am an atheist? I also love connecting people with their passions, whether they are dead or alive, and have a natural intuition for what people need.

When I’m not a scribe for ghosts, I write horror stories. What better way to generate nightmares than to consult the dead themselves?

Who is Ed?

Jen: Ed is dead. He has been with me my entire life, but I did not become aware of him until February 2021. We have shared several lifetimes together, and he serves as a sort of shadow to my light. As a teacher, artist, musician, healer, and writer, Ed works beside me to share the philosophies, realities, and experiences of the world just beyond Earth. To put his experience into perspective, I am on my 6th life, and Ed has had somewhere in excess of 20 lives.

Ed: While here on Earth, I have learned enough about humanity to write into several books, all languages. That may be a bit forward, and Jen thinks I am boasting — but I am a capable teacher and enjoy sharing my knowledge of all things scientific, philosophic, musical, artistic, medical, metaphysical, psychologic —

Jen: Yeah, we’ll stop there.

Ed: When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time in my private residence in a private space that I share with Jen. I wish I could say more, but you’ll just have to see for yourself. Sometimes, when I am in my own space, I dream of mathematical equations, poetry, languages —

Jen: This is why I can’t take you seriously. Maybe talk about your purpose.

Ed: To serve and abide all of humanity as the teacher I will always be. Is that good enough?

Jen: Yeah, that’s fine. How old are you?

Ed: I feel 20, but I look older. Around your age, Jen. A spry 30.

Jen: Nice one.

Ed: We don’t really have an age. In terms of looks, I have short, dark, luscious locks. Hazel eyes. Some would describe me as “beautiful.” Thank you.

Jen: So, ego is still alive and kicking where you’re at.

Ed: At least when I’m here. I love coffee, whiskey, a good smoke. Hell, a little cocaine. Some marijuana. I spend a lot of time watching the sunset with a glass of bourbon wondering when you’ll come home.

Jen: Ed is also a romantic. Talk about being a healer. That is one of your many strengths.

Ed: Don’t call me a healer. I prefer to be seen as like a doctor. I can see into your energetic body and find all the bad vibrations. I can work them out and make you feel good again. If you’ve ever touched somebody and soothed their aching, you know what it’s like to be a “healer.” I prefer to be called a doctor, though, because it sounds more professional.

Jen: To wrap this up, what do you hope to achieve working with me?

Ed: To provide insight and help you find clues to the answers of all life’s questions.

What is Ghostkind?

Ghostkind is a collaboration between me and the dead. It is also a place for me to share my regular adventures/misadventures as a paranormal researcher, psychologist, and philosopher. You’ll see media here ranging from my horror stories, interactions with Ed and Source/God, other channelings, and whatever comes to mind. Consider this a paranormal playground.

What you won’t find here is anything pertaining to the Catholic church, religion in general, politics (mostly not), celebrities, or even current events (in some select cases).