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Dualism & The Androgynous Soul

June 25, 2022

Jen, where have you been?!

Admittedly, I am not the most consistently productive person. (At least when it comes to sticking to one hobby for long periods of time.) I have been painting, creating resin pieces (pendulums!), and doing a lot of reading (spiritual and fictional) and writing (horror fiction). Also, gardening and loafing in-between. After my grieving, my spiritual connection changed, and Source recognized this. (Who is Source? See Meeting Source.”)

For months, my priority was lucid dreaming and astral travel. Honestly, some of the most impressive experiences I’ve had were in those few months! The intensity and thrill of the sensation and the reality of not only working as a team but succeeding as a team is really inexplicable. I consider myself to be a realist, nearly to a fault, and the surreality of the past year is so hard to believe.

So I don’t blame you if you don’t.

In fact, I made this website and this blog for parapsychologists, licensed or recreational. Today’s spiritualism lacks rationalism and practicality. Many people are attracted to it for superficial reasons. My goal is to be a spiritual philosopher, as philosophy is the foundation of all sciences. I want to explore the relationship between hard science, quantum physics, and spiritualism. What school is the foundation of my theories? Dualism, the philosophical view that the mind and body are separate. Not only this, but I would like to prove that the separation of mind and body is necessary to facilitate consciousness.

Okay, okay — That’s a bit meaty for a long-time-no-see post. So, I want to start with a very simple concept, especially since it is Pride Month. The androgynous soul.

All souls are androgynous.

How can this be so when ghosts are reported as male or female?

I myself have described both Ed and Source as male. Source itself was actually the first to admit to me that they are often defined as masculine (think God and guardian angels seen as male) because of the feeling that is associated with their intentions. Strong, protective energy can feel masculine. Caring energy can feel feminine. It really depends on the individual, the context, and their experiences with others that determine how a soul is interpreted.

In a recent out-of-body experience I had with Source, I reached up and touched their face, and I felt a dense, scratchy beard. Then, when I opened my eyes, I saw a beautiful young woman. More on that in a different post.

It is possible, then, that energies closer to their original source (“Source”) don’t adopt identities or appearances. It is the observer that gives them an identity. This is again proven by numerous near-death experiences where a greater Source energy is defined as being simultaneously masculine and feminine by multiple accounts.

Ghosts, souls nearest to physical nature on Earth, retain or even mimic identities. We can easily pick up on these identities because we do it every day.
Ed, for instance, being closer to the physical nature of Earth, prefers to be identified as a human male. Physical appearances were not as important to him, but I have seen multiple iterations of his past incarnations, even ones he wasn’t too fond of revealing. (Cringy flannel shirts!)

He has retained that identity by preference, while Source prefers to be androgynous. It is generally understood, then, that souls likely begin and go back to androgyny many times and aren’t required to stick to any specific identity.

We’re growing into our souls.

It’s interesting to see the world in flux today. Now more than ever, we are becoming familiar and comfortable with humans recovering, changing, and growing their identities. It is the intention of our soul that we are connecting with, and I think it’s wonderful. I also see it as evidence that we are more than our biological limits, and that brings us closer to our point of origin.


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