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How Did Ghosts Get in My House?

August 18, 2021

During my research with the spiritboard ten years ago, one of the primary questions I asked is how they found us and the board. Were they from the area? Did I shine like a beacon of light? Where did they come from?

We received all sorts of answers from all types of personalities, but one really gave me a clear description. His name was Shea, and he told me he reached me by following a flow like a reef. It made me think of oceanic currents as they flow from one pole to the next, distributing their passengers and nutrients all over the world. There is something like an energetic flow that brought them to us.

Me: Where did you used to live?

Shea: Hous — Yes. [Someone already answered the question in their head.]

Me: In a house?

Shea: No.

Me: In Houston?

Shea: Yes.

Me: Can you read minds? I don’t know, cause I was thinking Houston… So you’re all the way from Houston… How do you travel? Shea, you still here?

Shea: Yes.

Me: How did you get here all the way from Houston?

Shea: Flox. [“Flow,” sometimes spirits overshoot letters.]

Me: F-L-O-X… 

Shea: No.

Me: Did you mean “w”?

Shea: Yes.


Me: So what brings you here? How did you know that we wanted to talk to you? We’ve always been wondering how everybody knows we want to talk to them when we ask. We don’t know how you know we’re here or how you know we want to talk to you.

Shea: Reef.

Me: Are you saying it’s like a reef? [reaching]

Shea: Yes.

Me: That’s a different way of putting it…

Richey: I was thinking of ‘reefer’ —

Me: [laugh] Shutup.

Richey: — But that doesn’t make any sense.

Me: No, it doesn’t… [to Shea] It’s almost like fish in the ocean… in a reef… It’s a good metaphor, but I still don’t understand. How old were you when you passed away?

Shea: 28.

Me: You’re only 28, you’re young.

Richey: Wait, how old am I? Am I 28?

Me: [laugh] I don’t know.

Richey: Yeah, I’m 28. We both forgot; that’s really sad.

Me: [laughing] I knew you were 28. He’s 28 too.


One of the weird consistencies we had is that we had two souls from Houston. I found out this year that I had a past life in Houston, so that mystery is finally solved. We also attracted souls that were similar in age to us at the time or were similar in personality. We always had something in common with them. If we were curious, they were curious. If we were excited, we attracted souls that were of an equal nature.

It is safe to assume, then, that ghosts use something like the law of attraction to get where they need to be. This law simply states that like energy is attracted to like energy. Nowadays, you can find pages of videos on YouTube about using the law of attraction to get that job, that car, that partner that you’ve been hoping and looking for. Its about matching your energy to that which you desire the most.

For us in this very physical state, it’s basic psychology: think about something enough and you’ll start to align yourself on a path to get it. It’s inevitable if you apply enough energy to it. For souls, though, it’s far more simple. Think it, and it’s there. You simply are there.

For my friends across the spiritboard, I believe they all had different attractions. “I want to talk to someone on Earth,” is not a far cry from my projected thought of “I want to talk to someone on the other side!” We linked up, and I bored them to tears with offensive questions like, “How did you die? When? How old are you?” Oh, to be in my 20s again…

Despite all of the ghosts we spoke with over the board, none of them actually stayed for longer than 30 minutes. I’m sure their final thought with me was, “Please get me out of here.”


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