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Why Ghosts Need the Night

August 8, 2021

I wanted to write about something totally different today, but after attending a convention this weekend and seeing all the ghost-related materials, I was jazzed to talk about something I learned from Source. Ghosts are something of a specialty of mine. As a former ghosthunter, I have been interested in what we are capable of when we cross, both for empirical reasons and for fun.

It’s a question you hear from skeptics and believers alike: why do ghosts only come out at night?

First, that’s not true. I mean, come on. If you’ve been haunted before, you know that feeling of there being no safety even during the day. Plus, there are endless accounts of contractors sent in to fix up old houses being overwhelmed by activity and even injured during the daytime. Yeah, those are my favorite stories. Clearly, ghosts are still fairly prevalent in the daytime.

So, what gives?

It’s all about energy, intention, and motivation. Today, we’ll talk about the energy aspect.

I asked Source once, “Why aren’t we bombarded by ghosts? Why do they only come out at night?”
Source answered, “First, we’ve got to talk about you calling them ‘ghosts…'” Humor added for effect. Source is mostly stoic. More on that later.

Then, I received a visual of how energy would look in the environment if you could see it. Wherever we go, we create desire paths of energy. The more we occupy a space with a specific intention, the more like-energy remains in that space and attracts those looking for it. It constantly moves, like whorls of dust motes in the air, and it doesn’t settle for some time. Coffee shops are full of creative and motivating energy, considering the intention of its occupants. Your work desk may be roiling with anxious energy, moving spasmodically like bacterium, perpetuating a cycle of discomfort.
This lends some credence to energy clearing… But you don’t need to. These “portals and vortices,” as they are technically called in the spiritual world, will settle over time. It may take many weeks, months, years, or millennia, but they all eventually dissipate. Energy is not destroyed. It simply changes.

Does energy actually hold qualities like creativity, anxiety, or happiness?

I’m not sure. I think it is the frequency of energy required for those intentions that cause the fields to vibrate at that frequency. One person may step into a space and feel anxiety while someone else will feel excited. I wonder if this can condition us to have social anxiety. Biases may be responsible a well.

I want to believe that energy can’t adopt feelings from us. It makes more sense to me. Still, I recall when a little girl entered my childhood bedroom and remarked that it felt sad and haunted. That room was filled with teenage angst and suicidal ideation, like it seeped into the walls. Even new carpet, several coats of paint, and new furniture haven’t changed the air in there. I wonder how long it will take for that feeling to ebb away.

Will the house even be able to sell? Or will buyers clutch their chests and remark about the “heaviness” of the room?

Back on topic.

Source recommended that I consult members of my team on how it felt because the experience is different for everyone. Ed never liked following me to very public areas, especially during the daytime. He said, “It feels like Pop Rocks.”
There is so much energy turning in the air, it’s like wading on the bottom of a sea of Pop Rocks. I suppose whether it tickles or feels anxiety-inducing is dependent on the soul.

Imagine the energy sunlight casts into a room. Imagine how we stir the air with our roaming from room to room during the day. There is so much going on, ghosts retreat to parts of the house that are settled, quiet, dark, and cool. The basement, the attic, the room no one goes to… Here, they don’t feel disturbed. Then, night falls. The energy settles, and the occupants are asleep.

We don’t need to turn to souls to answer these questions. We are capable of answering this ourselves. Look at astral projectionists who have felt the rain and electrical currents of lightning through their energetic bodies, their very souls. Look at their accounts of energetic boundaries and the sensations they feel. They are all common stories.

What about ghosts that try to use that energy to their advantage? Tune in later when I talk more about intention (how ghosts get where they need to be) and motivation (what ghosts do and how they do it). Also, for Source’s sake, we should talk about why we shouldn’t call them ghosts anymore. (Although, some really enjoy it!)


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