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The Middle Space & Meeting Matt

August 1, 2021

If you’re not aware, my team [of souls] and I have been working towards creating a solid connection while going to Tremida, our consensus environment. Part of this includes astral projection, lucid dreaming, and deep trance meditation using methods I will outline in a more comprehensive guide later.

These may very well be some of the first recorded experiences of the living working in a 3-dimensional environment with those on the other side. Working towards a common goal, nonetheless.

The strongest connection can be made when you are in a state between wakefulness and sleep (or deep trance). Typically, I have relied on them to call to me to make the connection. (i.e., Ed calling out, “It’s me. It’s Ed. I’m here.”) Then, in a combination of visual cortex stimulation and Source energy, we work together to see each other and engage in a sensory experience. This includes realistic sound, touch, sight, etc. It’s akin to being in a virtual reality environment, but all of your senses are there.

This leads me to the “middle space.”

One of the clearest experiences I had was with a soul named Matt. Earlier this year, I asked to meet another soul outside of the team. During a visual meditation, we were joined by Matt, who was eager to help. All of us sat on my porch together, relaxing, smoking, and drinking, and Matt talked to me. He was so visually there, I just sat back in awe. It was as if I could reach out and touch him. He had a wonderful smile, a sunny disposition, a sense of humor, and generally was good company. His movements were smooth and easy to see.

Often, when I am visualizing, I have to translate some of the movement. Not so with Matt. It was as if he was in total control of his own presence. (The stronger a soul’s connection is to Source energy, the less YOU have to figure out what they’re doing. Like an internet connection. No lag, low ping rate.) I could sit back and watch without doing the work.

To put it into perspective, you close your eyes and see blackness. I closed my eyes, and I was somewhere else. My 3rd eye was wide awake!

We talked about how we could reach each other, and he asked what my cell phone ringtone was. He would make that sound if he needed my attention. The experience was surreal.

Ever since then, I have been chasing that depth of reality. I decided that because this experience happened with Matt, it meant one of two things.

  • Matt knows how to open the 3rd eye stronger than anyone on my team, which means his connection to Source is very strong;
  • OR the more souls involved in a shared visual experience, the easier it is to open the 3rd eye and keep it open.

I hadn’t seen Matt in a while, so I asked Source to bring him around again to ask him for clarification on his experiences. While waiting for Matt, the team sat together and chatted on our iconic couch in the cabin. Then, everyone got silent, there was a shift, and Source said, “Matt’s here.”

It’s still strange getting used to a different tone of voice. Matt took some time adjusting (“Can she hear me? How do I know when she’s listening?”). When he was ready, I cordially greeted him, and I got started drilling him with questions. What does he see? What does he feel? How does it seem to him? Does he lie down with me like the others or… how does it work?

He said that he doesn’t lie down with me (passive participation). He appears in this space, like the set of a show. He is in the cabin in Tremida, and it’s 3-dimensional like he’s physically there. He can see me in full form, and what I am doing is being translated through Source as I visualize it. Likewise, what he’s doing is then translated through Source back to me. Not at all unlike playing online multiplayer video games.

If he wishes to watch but not participate, he can see it from any perspective. There is something like an invisible wall that blocks him from interacting with us and from us interacting with him. It’s a totally private experience for him. We can’t hear his thoughts unless he projects them to us.

Many souls opt for a top-down experience, watching from a higher perspective along the ceiling. This gels with other experiences I have heard from souls over the spiritboard and from Source itself, who was also prone to watching from the upper corners of rooms. I guess I could call this “non-participation.”

This “middle space” is the stage that I am aiming to reach when I am out-of-body. But is this more of a liminal space or a consistent space?

Ed chimed in that when I am done visualizing and go off to do earthly things, he continues to enjoy the experience in Tremida. He makes changes, memorizes what I have put where, and adds what he likes. So, in disconnecting, the space doesn’t disappear. This is the true definition of a consensus environment!

I appreciate what Matt has shared. The difference in perspective, things that the rest of the team couldn’t articulate well, has made all the difference in my education.


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