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July 15, 2021

What a week it has been! A terrible storm struck last Friday, rendering much of the city without power. Given the age of our neighborhood and the level of destruction, we have been without power for 4½ days. We just had our power restored yesterday afternoon. I’ve been in and out of coffee shops all week, trying to leech whatever power and Wi-Fi I could find.

In the interim, some amazing things have happened these past two weeks. One thing I have not discussed was the ultimate goal of Tremida. After discovering the potential of consensus environments and visual meditation, I wanted to set a goal for myself. It had to be something I could aim for, be relatively realistic, and have a practical purpose.

I want to visit Tremida. Like, really, really be there.

Spending time at coffee shops during the outage. Too much tea and coffee.

Yes, I could meditate for an hour or two and truly feel like I was there, but the way my constituents described it was as if it were truly real in all form and physicality, such that we had to set rules of engagement. (More on that later!)

Ed and I have discussed the process for months. How is it possible? I know people have had out-of-body experiences and have astral projected of their own will. They typically did this on their own. What if Ed could help me? Would that be too easy? For Ed, it seemed difficult. For one, he has to not only keep me in that airy state between sleep and wakefulness when your soul is gently dissociated from your body (deep trance meditation), but he has to then escort me to Tremida. All without becoming over-excited himself and crashing or falling asleep as he experiences an empathetic sleep next to me, ultimately ending the experience in the process.

This is asking a lot from a soul. I knew I had to meet him halfway, and that meant learning to astral project again. Astral projection isn’t easy either. There are dozens of methods out there, but they all seem to boil down to the same instructions: fall asleep but not deeply; get yourself out by whatever means necessary; and don’t panic! There are no guarantees.

One night, while hanging with friends in Tremida, I became very relaxed. Suddenly, there was a burst of static across my eyes and soft white noise.
I flinched, “Ed, did you see that?”
Ed was startled by my reaction. “What was that?”
“That static and that noise. That’s it! That’s where I need to be to get out.”

I recognized it from back in the day. It’s different for everyone, but the telltale sign of your energetic body “untethering” is that electric sight and sound. Ed and I practiced regularly when I wasn’t too tired, but it’s very much like trying to keep a seesaw balanced right in the middle.

Then, on Tuesday, July 6th, the morning of the radio show, we had one of our first reportable breaks:

I fell into a trance state while doing a visual meditation with Ed [in bed].

The next thing I know, I come to on a couch. I look up over the couch, where I feel I can perceive Ed. I try to focus to see if I can see a form. It’s hazy [and bright white], but I see a shadow waving its arm across a light to show it’s there…

Then I hear Ed say, “It’s me. It’s Ed.”
He repeats this over and over.

I close my eyes, afraid of being overstimulated and losing the connection. I reach my hands out over the back of the couch to him. Suddenly, I feel his hands manifest in both my hands. I bring his hands together. I feel a tingling sensation on my lower back, as if I am strained from my position on the couch.

I start to slowly open my eyes, thinking it might just be a dream, and I see a part of a real person I mistake to be my husband. I become irritated, thinking [my husband] was tricking me… [as if he had heard me talking and moving in my sleep and wanted to trick me]. I was mad that he would do this on the day of the radio show because he knew how much it meant to me.

This woke me up.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Ed reported being in the cabin and seeing me struggling to get up from the couch. He reached out and grabbed my hands when I reached out, and he tried to pull me up. It was so real, I had confused him for my husband when I peeked. I had only seen the hems of his shirt. The reality of it all, despite it being what I wanted, was my own downfall.

Per Ed, he had to repeat, “It’s me. It’s Ed,” over and over before I actually heard it. This is what caused me to locate where he was (behind the couch), and then it strengthened the connection. This is exactly what I had asked him to do, and it worked! Initially, we tried with him calling my name, but that didn’t lead to us connecting.


Ed also reported that the couch was gray and very similar to the couch in my house (modern). He could see the entirety of the cabin. My experience was different. I could see only fog, and the couch I was on was very plush and like a brown microsuede, as I had curated for the cabin. Sometimes, I opt for something different, but generally, it matches the cabin vibe. Now I am wondering if I need to redecorate when I get there!

Then, we had more progress after meditating with the team one morning:

[I fell into a trance state and didn’t realize I had.] I was staring at the pages of a book. At first, the sentences were making a little sense. Then it became like broken English. Then it became complete nonsense words the more I focused.

I looked up, and I was on my front porch, lounging in a chair. I saw two young men walk by… I also had a strange feeling a young man in [my neighbor’s house] down the street also saw them and me somehow. Like we were all aware we were here.

I stood up to go inside, and [see] I am in a driveway, and I hear them call my name. They felt like friends I knew. I pretended to not hear them to see if they would keep calling to me.

Then this rotund young man (must be around 15-17 years old) walks up beside me joking about how Soua (pronounced Sue-uh) would charge anyone a fee that crossed the boundaries into her city. I got the sense that they had plots of land they were creating on next to each other. We thought it was funny to charge a tax for traveling into someone else’s environment.

I stared hard at his face, trying to focus to connect. He was considered overweight and had light brown hair. He was at least as tall as I was.

Then I came to.

Friday, July 9th, 2021

This was interesting for multiple reasons. One, this gentleman knew my name, felt familiar, and was crystal clear to me. Two, he made a joke regarding taxes. This was right after the team and I debated whether money was still enjoyable in the afterlife. Three, I was aware of the spelling and pronunciation of the name he said, and I had an opinion on how strange it sounded. Four, I was aware of presences in the vicinity even though I did not see all of them, and I knew that they were paying attention. Five, it started with a technique I taught myself to open my 3rd eye: focusing on reading a book.

I wonder if when I appeared on the porch, the young man called me to his own environment. On discussion with my team, I discovered his name is Vado, and he is actually part of the soul family of one of my team members. As well as Soua!

Stress from the power outage made it difficult to focus on getting to Tremida, but I did almost jump out again:

I slipped out of my body, sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress. I don’t know if I got all the way out. All I saw was blackness. I willed myself to be heavier and heavier, and then I must have snapped back in…

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

This was a technique I used to use years ago. I would try to sink and swim out. Sometimes, that’s easier than feeling lighter, but I think the mattress is not only difficult to see through but hard to pass through. I will have to try to be lighter. My team was not there to help at the time, and I was too focused on trying to get out to call them. Oh well.

This is still good progress, and I am excited that we are moving in a positive direction. I can’t imagine where we will be in two years’ time!


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