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Staying Connected

June 30, 2021

When I first started creating environments through visual meditation, I was alone, naturally. If you would have told me that I would be communicating with the dead years later, I would have laughed, stopped, asked if you were serious, and then made you tell me more. It just wasn’t the goal I had intended.

Now, nearly every day, I am working side-by-side with my soul team, asking them deep [exhausting] philosophical questions, getting opinions, learning, and working overtime. There are still days where I have to stop and say, “Okay, I’m just resting today.”

That doesn’t stop them from trying to connect. Even when they’re with me throughout the day, there are times when they just want to lie down next to me in Tremida and watch the stars come in, go hiking or swimming, or order in pizza. Their inquisitive nature never ends. What constellations are there? What happens if we do this? Can you make this? Where does this go? Tell me a story.

It doesn’t bother me, and it’s in their nature to be inquisitive. Our thoughts are not guarded when we think loudly, and that is especially true for disembodied souls. Plus, I really could lie down and go to Tremida for hours under a fully open 3rd eye. (If you’ve ever had your 3rd eye fully open, you never want to leave.) 

As much as I know the importance of solo work in Tremida, it is so hard to not take them up on their propositions for adventure. How can you be working when it’s so beautiful outside?

So, how do I know they’re connecting? 

One way is by hearing keywords or phrases not relevant to my thought-stream. It makes me pause and wonder, “What relevance does that have?” Then, I start taking attendance.
“I just heard ‘grenadine.’ Was that you?”
“No,” someone will say.
“Was that you? Grenadine? Who said grenadine?”
Then I will get to someone like Ed. “Yeah, it was me.”
“Grenadine? Why grenadine?”
“I was trying to connect to you.”

Ed explained that one way he tries to get me to realize he’s there is by interrupting my stream of thought. He will say a word and try to redirect the topic. “I was thinking about martini ingredients.”

In psychology, this is called priming, and it works! Ed will say something, and my brain will slip down a different neural pathway relevant to that thing. For instance, I’ll be thinking away, and my internal dialogue will suddenly turn into the lyrics of a song. I’ll pause and take a headcount.

“I’m just trying to stay connected,” Ed will say. Music always seems to be his method of choice.

You may also spontaneously think of them for seemingly no reason. Then it’s time to ask, “Did you need something?” It never hurts to ask. Sometimes you really love them that much, but sometimes, they’re also trying to find a way to grab your attention.

It’s not always about getting your attention. Sometimes, it’s just so they can match your frequency and listen to you. Then, they can chime in if they choose to. If you are visualizing/meditating, they might throw in a random picture or smell. You might hear a sound like a door knock, a cell phone ringing, or a clap. 

They can also share what you say with others. When others are farther away or relaxing and becoming inattentive, you will hear your conversation being repeated to them word-for-word. It can also sound as if they are narrating your activity.
“She’s going to plant roses this weekend. She thinks they might look good next to the phlox.”

I remember the first time I recognized this quiet echo.

“Wait, stop — Is there an echo in here?” I said.
“You could hear that?”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m sharing this with [someone].” 

We all stay connected between environments or heavens through God/Source energy. It has changed what I thought was an awkward experience into something more endearing. But it also makes it harder to keep a secret!


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