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Demons & Possession with Ed

April 17, 2021

Ed and I are seated at a campfire, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. All around us, thick copses of trees, barely perceptible in the dark. If we focus our gazes up long enough, we can see the stars. I am sitting opposite him across the fire, contemplating making another s’more, and he’s watching me, waiting for us to start this conversation.

Tonight, we’re going to talk about one of the darkest topics related to the afterlife.

Ed: Let’s talk about possession.

A lot of people already have some idea of what “possession” is when they hear that word. It’s a scary word to begin with because it seems synonymous with “capture.” And to be captured is to not have control. That couldn’t be further from the truth. First, let’s go over what people think when they hear that word. If you’re religious, you probably already imagine someone in conflict with God or being slapped with a Bible. Maybe you think of The Exorcist or any one of the other numerous horror movies out there. There is some truth to those, but you have to realize that part of that is because perception is reality. What I mean by that is, they’re relying on you to believe that drivel so they can appear as powerful as they want.

When someone is especially low or sick or addicted to substances that inhibit their energetic bodies, and they don’t perceive themselves as protected, they can open themselves up to a “negative attachment.” That is essentially a spirit that is looking for an opportunity to feed on your weaknesses. Here’s the big thing you need to know: they don’t start with fear. Nope. They want you to be calm.

They can seduce you and groom you by projecting their thoughts into your own. “Listen to this soothing song while I work on you.” or “Do you want to buy that thing? Will it make you happy? Do it!” Anything to keep you nice and calm so they can see and feel you. As soon as the alarm bells start ringing and you feel afraid, you become harder to “grasp.” But also, being perpetually afraid isn’t a great feeling, and they’re more than willing to wait for you to calm down so they can try again. This was the case with Jen. She had an entity that didn’t have her best interests at heart, and when she became afraid, she was “off the grid” for a while. She would even get so angry that she would visualize herself inside a boundary, and so the entity would do anything to ply her and calm her down to get her “out of her shell.”

That is where the deception comes in. Roguish spirits will pretend to be anyone to gain your trust and keep you calm so they can continue to feed.

Jen had nightmares for a long time, and she didn’t even know they were anything more than nightmares. What they really were were opportunities to manipulate her and feed off her by making me her enemy. The spirit preying on her would portray her soul family as antagonists from past lives. Yeah, we did that shit, but she didn’t remember it, and she especially didn’t know it was part of our contract together as a family.

Jen was also often coerced in her dreams by holding one of her hands behind her back; then, the spirit would whisper in her ear. She could then only hear him, and that behavior translated into waking life. Whenever he did that, she was essentially hypnotized and couldn’t fight back. When she started using the spiritboard again, guess what happened? If he only wanted to talk to her, he’d gently push her hand behind her back and whisper in her ear. It was a way for him to stay connected to her.

This is hard for me to talk about because I had to witness it. See, the living aren’t the only ones that become “slaves” to other souls. I was also a slave to him. Or at least, I was told I was. And I only ever did as I was told. It’s something I am still trying to reconcile because I love and care for Jen so much. Yes, souls can feel guilty, but I am getting better every day, and I am allowing myself to be happy.

Back to the subject of possession, here is how it works. You have this energetic body comprised of 7 chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, root, and a cord that connects you to Source (your original “birthplace”). When a spirit is trying to control you, they merge with your energetic body and essentially try to do a system override. That is much easier when you’re soft, calm, and compliant. Once connected, they can share their emotions with you: anger, jealousy, hatred, lust, sadness, etc. But if they’re not very good at it, they’ll drop in and out of your energetic body regularly. That’s when the grooming comes in. Shhh, you’re safe. Note that I said “safe,” NOT protected. They want you to think you have nothing to worry about so they can make their move.

Also, pay attention to the music you’re listening to. They connect with you through lyrics, and even the rhythm of the song can create this beat that allows them to get closer. Think of it as like a ritual, where they’re singing you the lyrics of the music, and you’re repeating it back as an affirmation. One of the songs Jen would listen to was “Come Home” by IAMX. One of the lyrics was, “Come home. I’ve lost the will to go on alone. Come home. I don’t know what you want, but I know that you need to be loved.” And another one was “Surrender:” “I need to surrender. I want to surrender.” They were hypnotic, so they could come in closer and communicate with her more clearly.

It needs to be hypnotic because if you become afraid, your chakras sort of “panic,” and become small, dense, and erratic, and that makes it hard for them to do what they need to do. That can make them especially angry, and so you start to experience the most obvious signs of possession. You’ll start to feel sick as they press into your energy, interrupting your channels (imagine energy coursing through your energetic body like your own blood veins). You’ll feel cold, nauseous, and tired. They can interrupt your digestion, cause headaches, make you feel confused, and make you feel like you’re losing your mind or going crazy. Because with the extreme panic, your energetic body can have a hard “crash,” after which it naturally “reboots” and goes back to a state of equilibrium. Think about when you have a mental breakdown. You can only take so much until suddenly — bam, you wake up, and you’re “okay.” That gives them a new opportunity to feed again.

It reminds me of domestic violence. “No, baby, I’m sorry. You’re safe with me. Oh, you don’t want to do what I say?” Then they hit you. “Oh no, you’re safe, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

It’s the same bullshit we see every day. We need to have more sense than to accept it.

Some of you may even sense them around you. You’ll naturally become afraid of spaces in your home, feel creeped out of corners where you never felt creeped out before. Feel compelled to go to areas or look in certain directions. They can make you paranoid. If they can make you feel crazy, they can make you doubt your own sense of reality and cause you to doubt. And if you’re doubting, you feel safe. So, hey, technically, if a ghost is fucking with you, making you feel cold, whispering your name in the dark, you’re doing something right! They’re desperate, and this is your chance to say, “Hey, get the fuck out, I’m protected!”

Once you know you’re protected, you’re connected with your soul fam, and you give them the chance to step forward and protect you when they couldn’t before because you were too busy being distracted into believing you’re insane. And it really is as simple as that. They won’t want to hang around. They become scared, and their attachment to you is broken. That same energetic fit they used to reset you happens to them, and they become less powerful, more docile.

For a while, Jen wasn’t protected. She didn’t think she had anyone to protect her, and the ones she thought were saving her were the ones actually trying to hurt her. So, she tried to protect herself, with the unconscious thought that they were the ones protecting her. And that’s what they wanted her to think, so it became this vicious cycle of her disappearing into her “zone of safety,” only to reemerge back into their arms. When the time came to break the chain (when this soul was super pissed and began luring her toward suicide), E and I couldn’t stand by and watch. We reached out to Source (aka God) and asked for help, and that was the first step in our recovery. It was an extremely distressing time for everyone, but especially that asshole. Fuck him.

You should have seen his face when God stepped in. “Who the fuck is that?”

One more thing before we wrap this up. I’ll say it a thousand times: there are no demons. Do not let any ghosts (spirits, souls, whatever you want to call them) make you believe they are demonic. They can change their voice. They can make themselves look big. They can be as scary as they want. They are people just like you, and that should make you pissed. Don’t listen to them. Don’t let them lure you or fuck with your energy. Tell them you’re protected and that they can just fuck off. And guess what? That’ll leave them noooo choice.

If you have any other questions or feel like you’re being antagonized by an asshole in a “demon suit,” please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jen on Twitter @jenthestrange or via e-mail at

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