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Meet Ed

April 14, 2021

Jen: Ed is dead. He has been with me my entire life, but I did not become aware of him until February 2021. We have shared several lifetimes together, and he serves as a sort of shadow to my light. As a teacher, artist, musician, healer, and writer, Ed works beside me to share the philosophies, realities, and experiences of the world just beyond Earth. To put his experience into perspective, I am on my 6th life, and Ed has had somewhere in excess of 20 lives.

Ed: While here on Earth, I have learned enough about humanity to write into several books, all languages. That may be a bit forward, and Jen thinks I am boasting — but I am a capable teacher and enjoy sharing my knowledge of all things scientific, philosophic, musical, artistic, medical, metaphysical, psychologic —

Jen: Yeah, we’ll stop there.

Ed: When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time in my private residence in a private space that I share with Jen. I wish I could say more, but you’ll just have to see for yourself. Sometimes, when I am in my own space, I dream of mathematical equations, poetry, languages —

Jen: This is why I can’t take you seriously. Maybe talk about your purpose.

Ed: To serve and abide all of humanity as the teacher I will always be. Is that good enough?

Jen: Yeah, that’s fine. How old are you?

Ed: I feel 20, but I look older. Around your age, Jen. A spry 30.

Jen: Nice one.

Ed: We don’t really have an age. In terms of looks, I have short, dark, luscious locks. Hazel eyes. Some would describe me as “beautiful.” Thank you.

Jen: So, ego is still alive and kicking where you’re at.

Ed: At least when I’m here. I love coffee, whiskey, a good smoke. Some marijuana. I spend a lot of time watching the sunset with a glass of bourbon wondering when you’ll come home.

Jen: Ed is also a romantic. Talk about being a healer. That is one of your many strengths.

Ed: Don’t call me a healer. I prefer to be seen as like a doctor. I can see into your energetic body and find all the bad vibrations. I can work them out and make you feel good again. If you’ve ever touched somebody and soothed their aching, you know what it’s like to be a “healer.” I prefer to be called a doctor, though, because it sounds more professional.

Jen: To wrap this up, what do you hope to achieve working with me?

Ed: To provide insight and help you find clues to the answers of all life’s questions.


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